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St. George Marathon

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Nov 02, 2005



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5K: 15:41-Portland Track Festival 2010

10K: 31:34-Linfield College (Track) 2012

10 Mile: 51:57-Pear Blossom 2009

1/2 Marathon: 1:10:42-Foot Traffic Flat 2010

Marathon: 2:29:35-Newport 2013

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Run the Rock 50 - Nov

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Sub 1:10 Half Marathon

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Around town, nice and easy (8 min/mile pace).  I did 6x100m pick-ups, just to get the legs moving some.  I'm ready to be done.


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Another 8 min/mile pace around town.  I'm done with the taper.  Couple more days....


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Race: St. George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:44:16, Place overall: 56
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So I'm sitting in the Best Western Motel after having ran my first ever St. George marathon this morning. I wanted to write about it and get some feeling on paper before they leave my memory a bit.

Andrea and I went to St. George on Friday afternoon (after a lunch of 2 salmon patties, a cup of brown rice, and plenty to drink) and went to the Expo and pasta dinner with the family (mom and dad, Jill and kids, Joni and Jason and kids). I bought some power-gel to eat during the run and a new tank-top that wouldn't chaff like my other had been doing. After eating dinner (spaghetti with vegetable and meat sauce, salad, a pear and 1½ bread rolls and plenty of water) we went to the motel and hung out and watch Utah beat Louisville 44-35 on ESPN. Good stuff. The beginning of a good weekend! Staying at the hotel were Mom and Dad, Jason and I. I gathered my gear, decided on what I was to wear, attached my chip to my shoe and relaxed in the room. I wasn't very nervous leading up to the race for some reason. If anything I felt like I wasn't mentally prepared to run, having spent very little time thinking about the race or even having a game-plan for my desired splits and overall times at miles 10, 13, and 20.

We went to sleep about 10 and then woke up about 4:20 the next morning. We got dressed, went and got some food (I ate one whole plain bagel and I whole banana about 4:45-5:00, nearly 100-120 minutes prior to the race start, along with 20-25 ounces of water) and took a shuttle to the park. We got on a bus at 5:10 and by 5:45 we were up to the starting line. Dad and I sat together and talked about the race, among other things. It was fun to have him along for the ride. I'm glad he decided to run for the 22nd time.

It was an awesome sight at the starting line. There were flood lights, bonfires and over 100 port-a-potties. There was a DJ playing a bunch of techno-pump up music while we waited for the start. It was an awesome site, one that made me a little emotional. I wasn't crying or anything :-), but it was just a little surreal to be there after so many years of hearing about it and thinking that I would someday participate. The day was finally here! I didn't warm up at all, just some light stretching as I stood in line for the bathroom. Jason and I were able to go into the 'elite' part of the starting area. I got lined up with about 4 minutes to go is all, but that was fine.

Temperatures at the starting line were 40 degrees, which sounds cold, but it was just fine. I started in shorts and a t-shirt with a tank-top under it. I figured I would start that way, then ditch the shirt about mile 3. I also wore gloves (a must for me). The gun went off and I just went out nice and easy. I think I had been running a little too hard in my training runs in the beginning, so I wanted to run an easy 10 miles or so, assess the situation and then pick up the pace around 10-13 miles. I'd been told that's the hardest thing to do; just go out controlled and not too fast. It was dark for the first couple miles, so I just got behind some guys and drafted for a few miles. I figured that by doing that I would conserve energy and have more in the tank at the end of the race. I didn't even bother to look at my watch for the first 4 or 5 miles. I was aware of a general idea of my splits by overhearing the people around me, but I didn't know exact times.

I ran around 6:30 minute/miles for the first few miles, just going easy and talking with the runners around me. I figured if I took it easy, talked a bit and what not, I would hold back some and not run too fast. Just strolling along, really, talking with those around me, cracking jokes and enjoying the moment. I was taking things easy. Maybe too easy.... That alone was something strange for me, but I felt it was a smart thing to do. Coming into Veyo, I was doing well and when we started to climb the hill, I just started cruising past people. It had not even been 8 miles at this point, but I didn't feel like I was increasing my effort at all, but rather just maintaining pace while everyone else was slowing down. I am a pretty strong hill runner, so as people slowed down a lot, I slowed down very little and just breezed past people. Around mile 8 it got very cold, but it wasn't bad. It was still a bit of a climb, but I just kept passing people along the road, drafting for a few minutes on guys and then passing for the next runner. At each aid station, every two miles, I would walk as I received my cup, drink, then start running again. It may have cost me some time, but overall it gave me some breaks and prevented cramping from too much water too fast.

Anyway, I met up with a guy named Sam about mile 10 and he was going faster than I at that point. I figured it was time for me to start picking up the pace, so I went with him for a mile, drafting the whole way. At mile 11 we started running side by side and talking, just enjoying the pace and the race. We continued to pass people, one after another, just as quick as can be. At mile 12 or so, both of us pealed of the road and used the bathroom. I had needed to stop for at least 3 miles, but was trying to ignore the urge. After letting it go, I felt like a new man and felt like I could go even faster. Sam and I continued to run together until mile 16 and when I told him that I was going to try and run the last 10 miles in 1 hour, he dropped his speed and I picked mine up.

Coming around the turn at mile 15 or so, right as one sees Snow Canyon to the west was an AWESOME site. So beautiful. At mile 16 there was the first large group of fans and for the second time this morning, I was slightly emotional. It was just so sweet to be running my first marathon, feeling so good and fresh 16 miles into the race, not even close to hitting a 'wall.' I was so confident that I was going to be able to finish strong and have a good time. From 16 on, I just 'dropped the hammer' and cruised. I didn't have one mile that was slower than 6 minutes per mile. I was passing 5-10 runners per mile, some like they were standing still. I was worried that the downhill was going to rough-up my legs, but they were feeling fine. At mile 20, the clock said 2:07:50, so I knew I was going to have a good time, but I was shooting for close to 2:40, so I still had to cruise.

I continued on this pattern, going fast and passing runner after runner until we got to mile 24. At that aid station I again stopped to walk and drink and got passed by a runner. I tried to pick it up and catch him, but it wasn't happening. I passed a bunch of others, just not that one guy that got me. Oh well. Up to that point, I was on fire, passing everyone in front of me so my confidence was super high. I had run 24 miles and was starting to feel the effects, ready to be done. At that point I simply willed myself on and said that anyone can run 2 miles. I loved the new course (as of 2006) that broke up the last two miles through the heart of St. George. I could pick a site ahead, shoot for it and get there, then do that again just a couple times and I was at the finish shoot.

Coming around the final turn and seeing the balloon and red banners was AWESOME! I continued on and finished in 2:44:16. I was a little off my desired 2:40, but I felt it was a great time for my first ever marathon. I saw Lane Tucker (cousin), Jill and kids, and Andrea as I finished to race. I blew a kiss to Andrea and continued on the final 100 meters. I was, for the 3rd time, emotional as I finished the run. I was nearly overcome with something as I approached the finish line. I just couldn't believe that I was completing my first marathon. I tried to cry out with a cheer of "hurrah" of some sorts, but I was choked up and couldn't get it out. I actually struggled to breathe a little because of the experience, but with only a few steps remaining, was just fine.

I crossed the line, began to walk and just a few seconds later, had a finishers medal placed around my neck. I have wanted one of those for so long now, so it was great to finally have my own. I walked through the mister section, although it wasn't hot enough to do so, but that was the second thing I've wanted to do upon completion of the race.

I wandered around in the finisher's area for a couple minutes and then was greeted by Andrea, Jill and kids, Lane and Mom. I waited for Jason to come in (3:13:33, PR and Boston Qualified) and then we went and got a massage. Dad came in a short time later in 3:42, about 10 minutes faster than last year with much less training. Everyone was happy and had enjoyed the day.

I guess to sum-up, it was an awesome run, a wonderful start to a marathon career. I think I ran super smart with each facet of the race. I loved every second of it and can't wait for next year. The weather was superb, not reaching above low 50's by the time I had crossed the line. I don't think I wiped sweat from my forehead until around mile 18. Just perfect. I drank well, felt well, finished strong and loved the whole experience. I honestly don't think that there is ONE thing that I could have done better to have had a better time/race. I hope that the rest of my races can compare close to this.

Note: I can't remember the exact time at mile 13.1, but I know that I ran an 8 minute negative split. Also, from mile 8, when I feel that I really began to "race," I was passed by only 1 person, the guy at mile 24 when I was walking/drinking.

Here are my splits for the race (from my garmin):

  • 6:34 
  • 6:49
  • 6:33
  • 6:30
  • 6:35 (33:03 @ 5)
  • 6:37
  • 6:21
  • 7:04 (Veyo hill)
  • 6:45
  • 6:35 (1:06:27 @ 10)
  • 6:43
  • 6:29
  • 6:08 (1:25:49 @ 13)
  • 6:23
  • 6:02 (1:38:15 @ 15)
  • 5:45
  • 5:47
  • 5:49
  • 6:03
  • 5:50 (2:07:31 @ 20)
  • 5:36
  • 5:49
  • 5:39
  • 5:50
  • 5:54
  • 5:17 (2:41:40 @ 26?)
  • Not sure about final .2

So these aren't 100% accurate, as my garmin says I went a total of 26.43 miles which is obviously incorrect.  I also question a 5:17 for a final full mile, although I know it was quick and I was passing a bunch of people.  But it is a true representation of a slow first half and quick second half.  Gotta love that!

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