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Newport Marathon

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Nov 02, 2005



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Running Accomplishments:

5K: 15:41-Portland Track Festival 2010

10K: 31:34-Linfield College (Track) 2012

10 Mile: 51:57-Pear Blossom 2009

1/2 Marathon: 1:10:42-Foot Traffic Flat 2010

Marathon: 2:29:35-Newport 2013

Short-Term Running Goals:

Next Race:

12-hour race, sometime in 2019

Long-Term Running Goals:

Sub 1:10 Half Marathon

Sub 2:30 Marathon

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Kivara Trail Lifetime Miles: 211.20
Altra Escalante (Boston) Lifetime Miles: 291.10
Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Lifetime Miles: 100.00
Hoka Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 55.40
Kinvara 8 (Green) Lifetime Miles: 341.20
Altra (Black) Lifetime Miles: 111.50
Kinvara 9 (Grey) Lifetime Miles: 140.00
Race: Newport Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:29:35, Place overall: 1
Total Distance

Freak Yeah! I'll write more after swimming with the kids, going to the beach, and eating some food. SO HAPPY!!! Lifetime goal ACHIEVED!!!

I'll try and keep this brief, but you all know how it is... 

Background: Running is great because it's so personal.  We can set goals that are pertinent to us individually and then pursue them with as much fervor as possible, regardless of what every other runner is doing.  Before I ran my first marathon, my goal was to simply run well.  I ran a 2:44 (2006) and immediately set my sights on a sub-6:00 average marathon which I was able to do in my third attempt (2:35:47) in 2008.  Naturally, my next goal was a sub 2:30.  Maybe I was naive, but I figured I had just knocked off 9 minutes off my PR and the next 6 minutes would be just as 'easy.'  Nine marathons later, I can say it wasn't easy.  I came close a few times; 2:31:29 @ Portland in 2009, 2:30:54 @ Logan in 2011 and Newport last year in 2:32:56.  No offense to anyone reading this, but I wanted to accomplish this on a flat course.  The 2:30:54 at Logan was close to my goal, but honestly I never considered it a PR because of the downhill.  To each their own, but for me it just doesn't "count."  Last year I came to Newport because of the mostly flat, sea-level course, but also because it allowed my wife and kids to share in the experience with me.  My wife is amazing and has sacrificed so much for this hobby, so when I do well, WE DO WELL.  Unfortunately, last year I got a bit antsy in my training and decided to run the Provo marathon 4 weeks prior to Newport which come to find out, isn't all that conducive to running a PR.  Haha.

Anyway, on to this year; it's pretty comical because the buildup was exactly the same as last year.  We tied it into a work trip to Coos Bay on Thursday, then on to Newport on Friday.  Stayed at the same hotel, ate at the same restaurant, same morning race day prep, etc.  My wife asked me as we drove to Newport on Friday what my expectations were.  I had no idea and told her "I haven't even thought about it."  And it's the truth.  I've been running okay mileage, but noticeably less this year than the past two.  I'd love to run more, but at this stage in life, I'm just happy with what I can do.  Work is as busy as ever, we had our third child last August, for the past year I've been serving as the Young Men's President, I started an MBA program in January, etc.  Life is busy and running has (rightfully) been pushed to the backburner at times.  Each week feels like a victory if I can just make it through and still have my head above water.  I the running/mileage has been decent that week, that's just icing on the cake.  Anyway, I wanted to do well today but just didn't give it much thought before toeing the line.


Perfect race day conditions; temps were in the high 40's, semi-sunny, and little to no wind.  The gun went off and soon found myself in 6-7th place for the first mile.  I didn't recognize anyone in front of me but was content to ease into the race.  Mile 1 in 5:50.  Moved up slightly to 3-4th during mile 2 (5:50).  I didn't feel great, but didn't feel bad either.  Picked up the pace slightly to catch up to the first 3 guys in mile 3 (5:42) before dropping downtown and running along the boardwalk for mile 4 (5:36).  I was running 20-30 meters behind the leader throughout mile 4, but he was moving pretty good and I couldn't get any closer.  Still didn't know who he was, but he looked relaxed and pretty legit at this point, so I knew I would have to gain on him at some point.  Mile 5 was my slowest of the day (5:52) because of the steep uphill.  It isn't all that long, but it is steep enough to slow your pace considerably.  It was mile 6 (5:36) that I finally pulled up to the lead runner.  He was from Bend and coached by the legendary Max King.  That right there let me know I had a legit competitor, which I was ecstatic about.  Running solo last year wasn't all that fun and I knew that he and I together could put down a solid time.  Mile 7 (5:45) and mile 8 (5:48) were casual as we talked throughout, making the time go quickly.  Took my first sip of water at mile 7 and Gu at mile 8.  Mile 9 (5:45) and mile 10 (5:51) were more of the same.

Right at mile 10, Jordan said he needed to stop for a porta-potty.  For the last few miles I felt the need to use the bathroom as well, but my right leg was feeling very tight and I was afraid of it stiffening up if I were to stop even for just a few seconds.  I told him to be quick and that he'd catch up soon enough.  Honestly, I thought he would as he had been running great thus far, but unfortunately, that was the last I saw of him.  Mile 11 (5:42), 12 (5:37), 13 (5:45), and 14 (5:42) passed quickly and I saw my family for the first time and got my first sip of Gatorade.  I ran mile 15 in 5:48 before turning around and heading back into town.  The next four miles are my favorite of the race as the other runners are approaching my from the front and they are all so supportive in wishing me good luck and handing out high-fives.  The running community is so supportive of each other; there's truly nothing else like it.  Mile 16 (5:41), 17 (5:38) and 18 (5:44) and I saw my family once again.  Took my second sip of Gatorade, which also turned out to be my last drink of the day.  Now that I look back, I'm shocked I didn't hit the wall.  I had a sip of water at 7, Gu at 8, and Gatorade at 13 and 18.  That's it.  I just didn't feel like I needed it and anything more felt like I would have an upset stomach.

I still needed to use the bathroom, but my right leg was still tight and so I continued to run without stopping.  Other than the slight strain in my leg, I felt fantastic.  Mile 19 (5:45), mile 20 (5:41) and mile 21 (5:43) hummed right along.  My wife offered a drink around mile 21-22 but I didn't take it.  The plan was to see her at one more spot (mile 23) but I told her to go to the finish.  I wasn't sure, because there was plenty of time to blow up like all the other times in the past, but I was feeling good and for the first time, thought that today might be the day for a sub-2:30.  Honestly, my Garmin had been wacky all morning long and after mile 4 or 5, I stopped looking at it.  The watch was jumping from 5:30 to 6:30 pace every time I looked at it and so I had no idea where I was at.  However, the mile splits were going off basically right on at each mile marker, so I figured it was somewhat accurate.   Regardless, I was gathering splits but not trusting them one bit and I had my watch set up to tell me miles, pace, and heart rate, so I didn't know my overall time. 

Mile 22 in 5:35.  Solid.  Still feeling good.  Mile 23 in 5:36.  I'm getting goose bumps as I switch my watch over to overall time.  I begin to do the math and realize it's going to be close.  I can't blow up and need to make up some ground in case the gradual uphill throughout mile 26 slowed me down.  Mile 24 in 5:36.  Another solid mile.  I couldn't believe how good I felt.  Every other marathon the wheels have come off long before this point.  Even at Top of Utah when I ran a high 2:30, I had to walk for a bit at mile 24 because of a stomach cramp.  Today was such a joy because my body felt phenomenal.  One more great mile for good measure when I hit a 5:31 for mile 25.  Those might have been my best four miles of the race, which I'm proud of because I was alone, tired, and I've given up mentally here in the past.

The gradual uphill that lasts the entire mile began at the start of mile 26.  I tried to get ticked and run with some anger because I knew that although I should be well under 2:30, I didn't want to slip and mess up at this point.  I managed a 5:40 for mile 26 (I'll take it!) and then ran 1:00 for the final .2.  I started clapping and cheering as I approached the line and celebrated with my wife and kids after crossing the finish line.  I was euphoric.  I've been on cloud nine all day and relishing the goal achievement that took place today.

Post-race: I was able to get my splits for each mile, but not my total time.  I'm excited to get home Sunday night and look at the numbers a little deeper.  It looks like it was a negative split, but not sure by how much, although I could be wrong.  The awards ceremony was fun like last year.  I got another unique trophy and was able to chat with some friends I'd made last year.  This race is quickly turning into one of my favorites.

I've been viewing this race as my last race before taking some time off from running for a while.  I'll still run of course, but not with the same "run-10-miles-per-day-and-20-on-the-weekend-no-matter-what" attitude.  I'd still like to run a sub 1:10 in the half, so I'll try and accomplish that at some point.


Some of the stats from the race:

First 10 miles in 57:40 (5:46 average)

First 13 miles in 1:14:46 (5:46 average) 

Second 10 miles in 57:10 (5:43 average)

Second 13 miles in 1:13:47 (5:41 average)

Final 10 miles in 56:33 (5:40 average)

First 20 miles in 1:54:50 (5:45 average)

Final 6.2 miles in 34:42 (5:36 average)

Roughly a 1 minute negative split based upon the first 13 and second 13 miles.

An improvement by 3:21 from last year.  A PR by 1:19.

LunaRacer (Orange) Miles: 26.20
From Jason D on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 13:00:20 from

Congratulations, Glen! I saw you entry from a few days ago and saw something about a taper. I was confused (didn't he just run a marathon?). Huge milestone. Enjoy the beach!

From allie on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 13:26:06 from

congratulations. i want to hear more! sub-2:30 and a win. awesome.

From Bonnie on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 13:31:20 from

WOW!! congratulations! on the win, the PR, and the long term goal attained! So excited for you! Have fun swimming.

From Dave Taylor on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 13:40:54 from

Smoke. Ing.

Wow, what a great way to start a Sunday with reading this entry. Probably not as fun as actually running it, but nice!

From Paul on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 13:45:36 from

Congrats on the sub-2:30! And the win!

From Jon on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 14:32:14 from

Sub-2:30! Nice work.

From RileyCook on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 15:35:42 from

Awesome! I know you've been after that sub-2:30 for awhile. Congrats. You've earned it.

From Jake K on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 16:42:22 from

2:29 for the win!!! Congrats, that is awesome.

From Holt on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 16:50:09 from

Stoked for you Glen! awesome!

From Little Bad Legs on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 23:44:12 from

All: Thanks for the support! This blog is amazing. I feel like I'm celebrating with friends, although many of you I've never met. Thanks again.

From Britta on Sun, Jun 02, 2013 at 09:46:02 from

So exciting!!! Congrats! I didn't know about the Newport marathon. I live in SoCal. I will have to do it next year. Just noticing pear blossom on your history too. We use to live in Medford. That is a FUN race.

From jtshad on Sun, Jun 02, 2013 at 15:25:57 from

Congrats on the win and sub-2:30! Running most of the run with some intestinal distress at that pace is amazing!

From allie on Sun, Jun 02, 2013 at 18:12:37 from

when miles 22-25 feel like the strongest of the race -- that is one fine marathon.

congratulations again.

From Holt on Sun, Jun 02, 2013 at 20:02:02 from

Fun read... Got me totally pumped up! Great last few miles. Take a well earned break.

From Derek D on Sun, Jun 02, 2013 at 21:07:20 from

Great job. Huge accomplishment. Enjoy your break!

From Sasha Pachev on Mon, Jun 03, 2013 at 16:13:53 from

Congratulations! This is very encouraging for guys that keep blowing up. Shows there can be light at the end of the tunnel although it may take a few years of persistence to see it.

From Superfly on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 07:50:56 from

So pumped for ya man. Dave told me about it today on the run and I was dieing to get home and read about it. So so happy you got a sub 2:30 in... and a another win. Seriously long time coming and well deserved. Soak it in.

From Seth on Sat, Jun 08, 2013 at 20:16:01 from

Nice work dude, sub-2:30! Your perseverance paid off bigtime. Big congrats man, you earned it.

From Matt Poulsen on Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 08:55:23 from

Awesome race! Great PR! And a very impressive negative split!

From Trevor Baker on Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 16:35:52 from

What a consistent effort!!! Great job! It's such a great feeling to accomplish a well fought for goal.

From Bob on Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 17:29:51 from

Just caught this, that's huge. Happy for you. Congrats!

From Tyler on Tue, Dec 03, 2013 at 17:53:27 from

Glen, somehow I didn't see this till now. Just wanted to say congrats. Even reading this 6 months later inspires me.

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